Don’t Get Lost Following Directions

Let Handyman Nate LLC assist you with assembly

Have you recently purchased a piece of furniture, only to get home and realize the directions for putting it together are more than you can handle? There’s nothing more frustrating than being excited about bringing home a new item and then spending hours grappling with the assembly instructions.

Before you waste lots of time or end up with an inproperly built item, turn to Handyman Nate LLC.

For 15 years, Handyman Nate has been the trusted partner for remodeling and repairs in New Haven, CT. Our owner and operator, Nathan James, works with homeowners and commercial property owners on a variety of projects. From professionally hanging pictures at your property to expert assembly, you can rely on Nate's experience to make updating your home or office a breeze.

Turn to Handyman Nate for:

• Furniture assembly
• Appliance assembly
• Picture hanging
• Storage building assembly
• Playground equipment assembly

For expert assembly, call (203) 997-5762 to schedule an appointment with Nate!